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Chamaru 4pieces 株式会社ワールドトランク

Daifuku made from Kuma tea
This is a special product made with 100% Kuma-cha (green tea) grown in Kuma Kogen, a town with deep fog and a large temperature difference between day and night. 99% of the customers said “Delicious”.
Product Name Chamaru 4pieces
Minimum Lot Size 1 case(30pieces)
Suggested retail price 600yen
Sales Area Restrictions Nothing

Product Information

Suggested retail price 600yen
In season duringFull year
Best Before / Expiry DateFrozen 180 days / D+3 after thawing
MaterialsKoshi An (red beans, sugar) (domestically produced), mochi flour (domestically produced), sugar, foods containing milk and other major ingredients, matcha (tea (Ehime Prefecture)) starch, salt, bamboo charcoal powder/trehalose, enzymes, emulsifiers, glycomannan, cellulose, whey salt, flavor (some milk ingredients and soybeans are contained)
Specific Raw MaterialsDairy ingredients, soy
Main Raw Material LocationsMade in Japan (partly in Ehime Prefecture)
Content volume4pieces
Quantity per case30pieces
Storage temperatureStored at -18℃ or below (must be frozen)
Ordering Lead Time3 days
Minimum case delivery unit1 case
Sales Area RestrictionsNothing
Case size21.5cm×30cm×24cm(5.5kg)
Certification and Accreditation Agency Approvals-
Product Target Customersmen and women of all ages
Product usage scenarios-
Quality Control Information (Product Inspection)-
Quality Control Information (Production and Manufacturing Process Control)-
Quality Control Information (Facility Maintenance Management)-

Sales conditions

Available for business use
Available for gifting
Available for OEM production
Available for event exhibitions-
Available for direct delivery from the production area-

Main Vendors

food service
Trading and Wholesale
Hotel, Party, Leisure

Company information

Company: 株式会社ワールドトランク

Person in Charge: 営業本部 本部長 加藤健

Telephone number: 089-908-9665 / Fax number: 089-908-8119

E-mail address: kato@worldtrunk.co.jp