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Kaizoku Meshi (Raw fish) Maruusuisan Co., Ltd

It does not stop chopsticks on the palate of delicious sashimi and sesame! Pirates also groan luxury deadline full of
Shikoku Ehime Prefecture brand "hinterland taste," "herb Yuan flounder" delicious sashimi and special for your Asashide of "want Ehime Prefecture". It is also safe more of wheat allergy due to the use of barley and soy sauce. Only running water thawing remains pack when to eat. Other than Ochazuke, you can enjoy topped bowl and seafood salad, as well as sashimi. Is a gem that is also appreciated for gifts.
Product Name Kaizoku Meshi (Raw fish)
Minimum Lot Size From 1 case
Suggested retail price Please inquire
Wholesale price Contact us
Sales Area Restrictions Nothing

Product Information

Suggested retail price Please inquire
In season duringFull year
Best Before / Expiry Date180 days/-
MaterialsHinterland of sea pirates rice (raw mackerel): mackerel barley soy sauce mirin ground sesame batter sesame seafood extract seaweed extract (soy in some raw materials, including mackerel)
Specific Raw Materials-
Main Raw Material LocationsEhime Prefecture Uwa
Content volume60g (bowl 1 Kuii)
Quantity per case30 (mixed possible)
Storage temperature-
Ordering Lead Time3 to 7 days
Minimum case delivery unitFrom 1 case
Sales Area RestrictionsNothing
Case size30cm×46cm×10cm
Certification and Accreditation Agency Approvals
For those who care about ingredients, origin, freshness and texture. Stores that find it difficult to handle raw fish Material, origin, freshness, those who stick to the texture. It is difficult shop or the like dealing with raw fish easily
Product usage scenariosGem of the region. Gift. Tavern, golf, fish dishes put out, such as in the immediately leisure facilities
Quality Control Information (Product Inspection)
Quality Control Information (Production and Manufacturing Process Control)
Quality Control Information (Facility Maintenance Management)

Sales conditions

Available for business use
Available for gifting
Available for OEM production-
Available for event exhibitions-
Available for direct delivery from the production area-

Main Vendors

Food service
Trading and Wholesale
Hotel, Party, Leisure

Company information

Company: Maruusuisan Co., Ltd

Person in Charge: CEO Utsunomiya Kazuhiko

Telephone number: 0894-33-0391 / Fax number: 0894-33-3632

E-mail address: pink@maru-u.jp