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First Generation Fish Sausage Seinankaihatsu Co., Ltd

Domestic taste use
Was reproduced in a manufacturing method 1951 was released of recipes. Firm texture and flavor is characterized.
Product Name First Generation Fish Sausage
Minimum Lot Size 10 case
Suggested retail price 150yen
Wholesale price Contact us
Sales Area Restrictions Nothing

Product Information

Suggested retail price 150yen
In season duringFull year
Best Before / Expiry Date5 months (ships from stock)/-
MaterialsFish [mackerel (domestic), lard, sugar, pork, egg white, salt, vegetable oil, spices, processed starch, seasoning (amino acids), liquid smoke, lecithin, phosphates (Na), cochineal dye, ( including some of the raw soybeans)
Specific Raw Materials-
Main Raw Material LocationsDomestic (Nagasaki Prefecture, etc.)
Content volume75g
Quantity per case20 lines / case
Storage temperatureAt normal temperature
Ordering Lead TimeShips within 3 days after receipt of order, three weeks when manufacturing
Minimum case delivery unit10 case
Sales Area RestrictionsNothing
Case size28cm×20.2cm×78cm
Certification and Accreditation Agency ApprovalsISO
Product Target CustomersBaby boomers
Product usage scenariosFish sake
Quality Control Information (Product Inspection)
Quality Control Information (Production and Manufacturing Process Control)
Quality Control Information (Facility Maintenance Management)

Sales conditions

Available for business use-
Available for gifting-
Available for OEM production-
Available for event exhibitions-
Available for direct delivery from the production area-

Main Vendors

Food service
Trading and Wholesale-
Hotel, Party, Leisure

Company information

Company: Seinankaihatsu Co., Ltd

Person in Charge: Hashimoto Shinichi

Telephone number: 0894-36-0653 / Fax number: -

E-mail address: s.hashimoto@seinankaihatsu.co.jp