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Blood Orange Juice YAMAUCHI FARM

Additive-free Sutoretojusu rich flavor is characterized by using the ripe fruit
A proprietary blend of two varieties of Moro and Tarocco blood oranges from Yoshida-cho, Uwajima City. Enjoy the rich taste and aroma of domestically grown fruit. It also goes perfectly with alcoholic beverages.
Product Name Blood Orange Juice
Minimum Lot Size Than 1 case
Suggested retail price 2,500yen
Wholesale price Contact us
Sales Area Restrictions Domestic

Product Information

Suggested retail price 2,500yen
In season duringFull year
Best Before / Expiry Date1 year/-
MaterialsBlood orange (Moro, Tarokko)
Specific Raw Materials-
Main Raw Material LocationsUwajima Yoshida-cho
Content volume720ml
Quantity per case6
Storage temperatureAt normal temperature
Ordering Lead Time1 week
Minimum case delivery unitThan 1 case
Sales Area RestrictionsDomestic
Case size19cm×28cm×30cm
Certification and Accreditation Agency Approvals
Product Target CustomersUnquestioned
Product usage scenariosWe want you to use special occasions, such as anniversaries and gifts
Quality Control Information (Product Inspection)
Quality Control Information (Production and Manufacturing Process Control)
Quality Control Information (Facility Maintenance Management)

Sales conditions

Available for business use-
Available for gifting-
Available for OEM production-
Available for event exhibitions-
Available for direct delivery from the production area-

Main Vendors

Food service
Trading and Wholesale-
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Company information


Person in Charge: Yamauchi Jikishi

Telephone number: 0895-52-3651 / Fax number: 0895-52-3651

E-mail address: yamauchi_farm_uwajima@yahoo.co.jp