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Haruka Juice Ainan Mothers Co., Ltd

It was a "much" of elegant sweetness straight 100% juice
Use organic fertilizer of homemade blend that does not use chemical fertilizer, a much more grown young leaders farmers who are working on reducing pesticide, it was in as it is straight 100% juice. Rich taste, like, such as Nectar taste! Please enjoy the aroma of fresh "much more" to spread in the mouth.
Product Name Haruka Juice
Minimum Lot Size 1 box
Suggested retail price 1,500yen
Wholesale price Contact us
Sales Area Restrictions -

Product Information

Suggested retail price 1,500yen
In season duringFull year
Best Before / Expiry DateAfter production 6 months/-
Specific Raw Materials-
Main Raw Material Locations-
Content volume1 l
Quantity per case12
Storage temperatureAt normal temperature
Ordering Lead Time5 days
Minimum case delivery unit1 box
Sales Area Restrictions-
Case size27.5cm×36.5cm×29.5cm
Certification and Accreditation Agency Approvals
Product Target CustomersTowards the direction and a genuine intention of the health-conscious
Product usage scenarios-
Quality Control Information (Product Inspection)
Quality Control Information (Production and Manufacturing Process Control)
Quality Control Information (Facility Maintenance Management)

Sales conditions

Available for business use-
Available for gifting-
Available for OEM production-
Available for event exhibitions-
Available for direct delivery from the production area-

Main Vendors

Food service
Trading and Wholesale-
Hotel, Party, Leisure

Company information

Company: Ainan Mothers Co., Ltd

Person in Charge: CEO Sakai Mariko

Telephone number: 0895-72-2338 / Fax number: 0895-73-8338

E-mail address: tuneo9648@go6.enjoy.ne.jp