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EhiMerry Christmas @ Wagumi, London, UK (~2021/1/31) [New]



SUGOMONO products from Ehime are now on display and on sale in London, UK (~2021/1/31)

In order to promote and expand the sales channels of Ehime products in Europe, the Ehime Prefectural Government’s Sales Division is organising an Ehime Merry Christmas Fair at the Wagumi design shop in London, UK.

If you live in the UK, please come and visit us.

Period: 2020.12.12 (Sat) – 2021.1.31 (Fri)

Place: Design Shop wagumi

Products on sale: Tobu ware (Tosaigama, Nakatagama, Yokigama), Imabari towels (Heartwell Co., Ltd., Kinoshita Sewing Co., Ltd.), paper products (Yamanishi Co., Ltd., Washi no Ishikawa Co., Ltd.), others (Koizumi Seigawara Co., Ltd., Wakura Co., Ltd., Nagaike Mingeiten)

Find out more here.